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Angelus ad Virginem

Íme egy szép karácsonyi dal a 13. századból, latinul, csodálatosan szép hangzású, szerintem.
 Az angyali üdvözlet. Csak angol fordítást találtam hozzá…

1.Angelus ad virginem                                   The angel, coming secretly
Subintrans in conclave.                     to the Virgin's room
            Virginis formidinum                            Calming the Virgin's fears, he said:
Demulcens inquit "Ave."                    "Hail"
           Ave regina virginum,                          Hail, Queen of Virgins!
           Coeli terraeque dominum                  You shall conceive the
  Lord of Concipies                                           Heaven and Earth
Et paries                                and give birth,
Intacta,                                   whithout being touched,
Salutem hominum.                to the Salvation of mankind;
Tu porta coeli facta                you, made the Gateway of Heaven,
Medela criminum.                  the cure for sins".
2. Quomodo conciperem,                 How shall I conceive,
quae virum non cognovi?      seeing that I know not a man?
           Qualiter infringerem,                          How shall make an infraction
quae firma mente vovi?,        I who made a vow with my firm mind ?
            'Spiritus sancti gratia                         The grace of the Holy ghost
Perficiet haec omnia;                        will do all this;
Ne timeas,                             don't be afraid
sed gaudeas,                                     But be pleased
secura,                                              and safe
quod castimonia                    because chastity
Manebit in te pura                  will remain in you, pure
Dei potentia.                           'power of God
3 Ad haec virgo nobilis                       "To these words the noble virgin"
Respondens inquit ei;            "answered to him"
Ancilla sum humilis '              I am the humble handmaiden'
Omnipotentis Dei. '                Of the all powerful God'
            Tibi coelesti nuntio,                 'By your heavenly announcement'
Tanta secreti conscio,           'I am made aware of such secrets'
Consentiens                          "I am in agreement"
Et cupiens                              "and I want"
Videre                                     "to see"
factum quod audio,                "what I hear done"
Parata sum parere.               "I'm ready to obey"
Dei consilio.                           "God's will"
4. Angelus disparuit                           "The angel disappeared"
Et statim puellaris                  "and at once"
           Uterus intumuit                         "the womb of the maiden swelled"
Vi partus salutaris.                 "by the force of the laying in of salvation"
           Qui, circumdatus utero            The one who, protected in thy womb
Novem mensium numero,     during nine months
Hinc Exiit                                from here got out
Et iniit                                     and the conflict began
Affigens humero                    He fixed his shoulder
Crucem, qua dedit ictum       On the cross, by which he gave a blow
Hosti mortifero.                      to the mortal Enemy
5. Eia Mater Domini,                          "Come on, mother of the Lord"
Quae pacem reddidisti          "who has given back peace"
Angelis et homini,                  "to angels and man"
Cum Christum genuisti;        "when you bore Christ".
Tuum exora filium.                 "Pray your Son"
Ut se nobis propitium             "to be good to us"
Exhibeat,                                "Let Him show"
Et deleat                                 "and wash away"
Peccata;                                "our sins"
Praestans auxilium                giving help
Vita frui beata                         to enjoy a happy life
Post hoc exsilium.                 "after this exile"

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